Commodities refers to trades in agricultural products, livestock and meat, as well as metals (i.e. non-ferrous metals, steel, iron ore) and energy (i.e. crude oil, coal). Prices usually follow basic economic concepts, with a reduction in supplies leading to higher prices and a glut, to lower prices. Ruizean Markets provides a flexible and easy way to participate in some of the world's most popular commodities products, including energy and precious metals, which can be traded via our MT4 platform.

Commodity trading has attracted a long history and can be traced back to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which was founded in 1898.

Commodity Standard Account Institutional Accounts
XAU/USD 35 points 30 points
XAG/USD 35 points 30 points
USO/USD 6.0 pips(100 barrels contract) 6.0 pips(100 barrels contract)
UKO/USD 6.4 pips(100 barrels contract) 6.4 pips(100 barrels contract)

More and more people trade commodities as alternative investment transactions, however most of the time they have no proper understanding of the complex commodity markets. This lack of understanding leads to financial losses, due to the volatility of the market. Since the commodity market is so volatile and complex, it is important for investors to learn some of the strategies and techniques required in these markets, before entering into day trading. It is also beneficial for potential investors to review all of the available trading tools, helping them to make the most of profitable opportunities.