What is the MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform?

The MetaTrader 4 trading platform (MT4) is the world's most popular online trading terminal for financial markets. You will have the opportunity to trade in over 65 different currency pairs and CFD products, all directly on the MT4 trading platform; this is a robust platform that offers a professional trading experience.

The MT4 trading platform has an intuitive user interface with highly customizable features, and is well-liked by global investors. Its flexibility and customization allows traders to program their own trading strategies for greater profits. MT4 comes with an excellent charting system. Many technical indicators are available to help customers learn about the latest market trends, and take advantage of all potential trading opportunities.

More importantly, the platform supports the MQL language, and the intelligent Expert Advisor trading system (EA), which allows you to easily customize and manage multiple transactions at one time.

MT4 is the preferred financial trading platform for most online traders and as a market-leading trading software, provides traders with access to real-time market quotes, intuitive technical charts, comprehensive analysis tools, and the latest financial news.

In addition, MT4 has a simple interface, customizable trading charts and technical indicators in dozens of different styles to assist traders to easily take control of every trading opportunity.

MT4 is not just another type of desktop software, it can also be used on the majority of Apple and Android mobile devices. Traders simply need to download MT4, log into their trading account through an intuitive and user-friendly mobile interface, and take control of their transactions anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the mobile version of MT4 can also can load several technical indicators, giving you access to the markets day or night.

Features of the MetaTrader 4 Platform
Trading foreign exchange commodities

The Ruizean Markets MT4 platform offers a variety of transaction types You can trade derivatives contracts over currency pairs, as well as gold, silver, commodities and assets.

Multi-language interface

The MT4 platform offers different operating languages. Simply click on your chosen language and the operator interface changes accordingly.

One Click Trading

Ruizean Markets provides customers with a "One Click Trading" service, which refers to a transaction script that simplifies trading on the MT4 trading platform. This service is mainly suitable for high volume traders and can be accessed by clicking on "One Click Trading".

Automated Trading

Auto trading is a relatively new technology. Its main purpose is to automatically determine and then to complete the sale process, according to market data. Many traders prefer to use automatic trading, and MT4 enables you to use this option for your market transactions.

Chart patterns

MT4 offers a variety of graph templates and configuration files. With these templates, customers can save their own chart colour schemes and favourite analytical charts, and save them all on the same profile. You can restore the saved templates at a click of a button.

Analysing tools

MT4 provides several useful analytical tools. You have access to many indicators and charting tools, giving you the opportunity for detailed analyses. These analytical tools assist you to clearly analyse the current market situation, indicating when to buy or sell.

Mobile Trading

The Ruizean Markets Mobile Trading Application brings the leading forex trading technology to your mobile devices; you can use your smart phone or other mobile device to log directly into your MT4 trading account. This gives you the added flexibility of being in control of your trades, wherever you are in the world.

MetaTrader4 market

MT4 is a precision-designed complex program, designed for trading on the foreign exchange. With the latest EA trade or technical indicators, you can make any number of trades without leaving the platform.